Another Sleepless Night for Sarah

The two families, who left Virgilina with Sarah, left the wagon train somewhere near Russellville, in Logan County, Kentucky.    Sarah probably left it at this point too and was traveling alone between Russellville and Hopkinsville, in Christian County. 

As careful as Sarah was in choosing campsites, after the last incident, she made another error in judgement.   She saw a good place to camp across the road from a house.   Some children, playing in the yard, seemed to be about same age as her children.   When she went to the house to ask for permission to camp, a woman came to the door and told her that they were welcome to stay.    Being satisfied that it would be a nice, safe place to camp, Sarah got the horse, mule and Old Maude staked out in a grassy field to graze, built a campfire and prepared a meal.   Little did she know that she was in for another
sleepless night.                                                                                                       

Just before dark, people started coming to the house on horseback, in buggies, wagons and walking.   Everybody from far and near came to this house for a party or gathering.   They danced, got drunk and fought all night.   Sarah was afraid to go to sleep so she sat up all night.   She said that was the roughest place they found between Virgilina and Frances.

Sarah would never forget the name of that family.   Several years after she had settled in Crittenden County, the man and one of his sons came to a church in that area and held a revival meeting.   Uncle Allie would never tell us man's name, because some of his relatives still lived in that part of the country and he didn't want to cause them embarrassment.

Sarah Whitt