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    The purpose of this website is to record our family history.  My children have requested, for years, that I convert our oral history into a written format.  Thanks to modern technology it is possible that not only my children have access to this information, but relatives around the country as well.  At my children's insistance, I agreed to place a sampling of my writng on the web to share with others, who might find them interesting and entertaining.  I hope they may also inspire others to record their family history for future generations.
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A Broken Promise
Front Porches
Passing the Keys
World War II and Kentucky Moonshine
Protracted Brush Arbor and Camp Meeting
Snow Days in Calvert City
A Labor of Love
My Jeruslem Artichoke Patch
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Mom's Obituary,  A Eulogy By The Children of Mildred Yandell Wilson.  Mom's Random acts of Kindness, and Related Family Pages
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In Memorium.
Yellow Tomatoes
A Creature of Habit
Another Sleepless Night for Sarah
A Prize from Tooka
Wilson~Yandell Photo Album
Old Jules, the "Free Book"
Alta's Difficult Pregnancy
The Class Of 1940
The Dinner Bell
My Animal Cemetary
Mama's Second Rule