Wilson, Mildred Yandell
Deceased 10 a.m., January 18, following a brief illness. A resident of Baton Rouge, LA;  she was  born in Marion KY,  May 24, 1922.  She lived for many years in Calvert City, KY. She was the wife of the late James Clarence Wilson, also a native of Marion, KY.

Her sons, James Warren Wilson and David Yandell. Wilson, and daughter Jay Anne Wilson Jameson, three granddaughters- Llya Wilson Rizzo and
Kathryn Lenora Jameson and Stephanie Beatrice Wilson, and two great-granddaughters, Layla and Nicole Rizzo survive her.

A member of the Lifewriters group of Baton Rouge, she recently completed a volume of her reminiscences titled: As I Recall, to be published later this year. Selections of her work may be found at http://www.mywilson.homestead.com.