Carl Hoots' Bike Creations
Left: "This bike started life as a new BMX bike. It had all the components I needed for an off- road bike, wheels, shocks, brakes, shifters, etc. I cut it in two (a brand-new bike, ouch! ) and added a 24-inch oval tube to lengthen it out.  I added a seat, a long handlebar stem extension, and I was in business. It really wasn't that easy, but that was the general idea."
Left: "This is one of my earlier bikes, but is still my favorite home built. It is very comfortable, and fairly fast. What I like most about it is the "chopper look".  I have a
"Hardly A Davidson" sign on the chainguard that draws lots of attention. Like most
of my other bikes, this one is built out of used parts and new steel tube for the frame.
Right: "This is my all-time favorite bike for riding comfort and speed. It is a
manufactured bike (my only one) called a Gold Rush Replica. With the fairing
and wheel discs, it is very fast, and has spoiled me for any other bike. When I want to do some serious bike riding this is the bike I ride."
Right: "This swing bike is a lot of fun, it can be ridden with one wheel in the gutter, and the other wheel on top of the curb. It has forks in the rear, so all kinds of tricks
can be done on this bike.
Another bike built out of old parts."

Michael Watson was inspired
by Carl's swing bike, to the
extent that he built one of his own. Click here to see it.

Aside from the forms Carl Hoots achieves in his bike frames, we especially like the high level of finish he goes for- the difference between a good and a great bike.